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Monday, January 31, 2005

AIA: Happy Birthday Mom!

Your Art Action: The art of conversation.

Today is my mom's birthday. (Note to self: Do not use that as a password security question now that you have broadcast it to the enitre Internet).

Contact your mother. Tell her one thing you remember about being a child. Don't tell her you called her because some peson on the Internet told you to. "But what if she's dead?" you ask. No excuses now. Just chat away to her immortal soul or, if you have her ashes on the mantle, to those.

If you hate this action, or if you are an overachiever and want to do *two* tasks, write my mom a birthday limerick. To get you started: Her name is Penny and she lives in Florida. She enjoys walks on the beach, reading the paper by the pool, kayaking and parties with her friends. She's learning to golf. She's happily married to my dad. (Yes, my description sounded like a personal ad, which is why I added the part about my father.)

If you want to share the fruits of your labor with me, e-mail: wen(put an at sign in here)then put the word qbabe and a d-o-t and a "com." I'll post the best (and worst) here.


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