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Monday, May 22, 2006


This is from a relationship newsletter, written by Katherine and Gay Hendricks...

** Relationship Tip of the Day **

Creativity is a key to healthy relationships. Open up more to your
creativity and you will see greater possibilities in your intimate
relationships. Do you have ideas and inspirations that go unfulfilled? An
idea for a new book. An invention. A creative solution to a problem. Get
busy with them and watch what magic unfolds in your relationships.

Creative impulses happen all the time. What we do with these ideas and
inspirations determines our success or failure in receiving the benefits
of our creativity.

Here are tips for taking your inspirations from idea into form:

** Notice "when" you feel most inspired. When you first wake up. During
walks in nature. After a meditation. Playing or listening to music.

** Prepare yourself to capture creative impulses as close as possible to
the moment of creation. Have ready pen/pencil, post-it notes, pad of
paper, marker, recorder, computer, etc. at various locations "where" you
often feel most inspired. Capture your inspirations.

** Do something right away with your idea or inspiration. As close as
possible to when you get the idea, write it down (or record it). If you
like, share it with a spouse, partner, friend, colleague while it's still
fresh. Often with time, any strong feelings you had with an idea pass.
Documenting the feeling and essence of the creative impulse will allow you
to tap into the original feeling later on more easily.

** Organize your ideas in such a way that you set it up for you to
successfully complete them. Find or create an organizational system (like
filing cabinets, computer files, etc.) that works easily for you.

Successful people are superb at taking their dreams and inspirations from
idea through to completion. They understand how to be inspired and how
important it is to honor their inspirations. They strengthen their
connecting to the source of inspirations, and they take easy, simple
steps, one-step-at-a-time to move their dreams and ideas along. As a
result, they experience a wonderful flow of creativity and enriching
ideas, continually throughout their lives.


Blogger keri said...

This is really neat. I hadn't considered how these things were related before. It is definitely a motivating factor for conjuring and executing inspiration and creativity! Does it mean that if I do more art Donna will succumb to my will? hehehe.

11:00 AM


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