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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Latest Extreme Sport: Pumpkin Carving

You heard it here first. Or maybe not. Regardless, check out Extreme Pumpkins if you are sick, twisted, don't have small children at home and don't want any coming to your door on Halloween. Okay, it's not that bad. But there are flames, and "puke" and other 10-year old boy accoutrements as well as some more disturbing adult ones.



Blogger Anti Muhammed Cartoon Contest for Finn people said...

Lehdistötiedote 20.9.2007

Press release from Finland 20.9.2007

Das Thema:) Drawing contest

Prophet Muhammed and his pedofil sex with young girls and animals

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Profeetta Muhammed pilakuvakisa Suomessa

Tervetuloa osallistumaan suomalaiseen pilakuvakisaan aiheen profeetta Muhammed ja perverssionsa rinnattomien tyttöjen kimpussa ja eläinmaailmaakin ahdistellen. Tunnettuahan on että muslimipoikien ensi kosketus seksiin on nussia koiria, vuohia ja sikoja, jompaan kumpaan reikään!

Parhaat kuvat palkitaan;)

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