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Thursday, February 03, 2005

DYI Holiday!

Sure, yesterday was Groundhog's Day, a time during which Americans let their meteorolical fate for the next 6 weeks be decided by a fuzzy rodent. But that was yesterday. What is today? Is it "Eat A Big Fat Sandwich Day" or perhaps "Walk around the block backwards day"? You decide.

Art Action: Create a holiday, or, at the very least, name today (or some future date you select) with a descriptive moniker. Think "Festivus" on Seinfeld. Think "National Boss's Day" (a kiss-up Hallmark Holiday if I ever heard of one). How about "Thank God For Indoor Plumbing Day" or "Festival of Reclining on the Couch"? What about "Chocolativa"?

How will you celebrate your holiday? Will there be gifts? Lots of beer? Is there a special person or large rodent, like the Easter Bunny, associated with it? Who will the corporate sponsors be?

Now, take the next step and actually celebrate it. Send your significant other a card, or post a "Happy Chocolativa" note to your e-mail group. Heck, stick it in the comments section here so we can all join in the fun.

Oh, and mark it in your day planner so you don't forget to celebrate it again next year!


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