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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Crafty Young Thing...

Today, do a kid's crafty or educational project, you know like the one where you make a volcano out of paper mache and then pour food colored baking soda & vinegar in it and watch it explode? Or the one where you put a hard boiled egg over the mouth of a bottle, drop a match in and watch the egg get sucked into the bottle? Or maybe you're not the science type, but you have fond memories of those little metal looms on which you stretched colored loops until you had a potholder? What about God's Eyes? Get some yarn and sticks and watch the decorative possibilities unfold as you flash back to Girl Scouts or church camp.

Even better: Do this with your children. If you don't have a kid, borrow one for a couple hours.

If there's a finished product, don't forget to give yourself a big gold star and hang your masterpiece on the fridge.


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