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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Today, open the dictionary and pick a word at random.

See how many times you can insert it into conversation over the course of the day. Try to sound natural. Definitely keep score, and let me know how you do.

The idea isn't really to learn a new word, but if that happens, hey, good for you! You can pick a simple word, like cloud, lightbulb or bullfight, if you'd like. It's still the same game.

If you don't have a dictionary, try the word of the day at or merriam-webster. Or choose a word from the list below:

impune: to attack the integrity of something

compendium: a comprehensive summary

culvert: a sewer or drain

obviate: (ob-vee-ate): to make unecessary, to avert, to preclude

odyssey: a long and difficult journey marked my changes in fortune

Around the water cooler:

Co-worker #1: Did you see that new show on HBO?
You: Oh, the one about the odyssey?

On the bus:
You, to bus driver: Ah, I see having a monthly pass obivates the whole "having exact change" thing.




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