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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Play with your food!

Today, feel free to build little pyramids out of your mashed potatoes, make fine green smiley faces with your peas, and carve your steak to look like the state of Florida. Extra points if you can get your family members, co-workers or complete strangers to join you in this fun.

Alternate action (great for a weekend): Make funny shaped pancakes. Give up on getting them round and make them like inkblots. Go around the table and tell each other what you see in that fried goodness before slathering it with syrup and sending it down the hatch. (Note: if a certain friend always sees Charles Manson, or The Pope, or Brittney Spears, regardless of whether it looks like a duck, Arnold Schwartzeneger, or a button, you may have a problem. What a tasty, convenient and cheap way to find out there's something amiss!)


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